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Fridays For Future

What is Fridays For Future?

We are fighting for our future and our lives because they are directly threatened by the climate crisis and the ecological breakdown. We are taking action against it because we want to protect the beauty of the earth, the diversity of species and the lives of all beings. Our goal is to overcome the climate crisis and to create a society that lives in harmony with its fellow beings and its environment.[1]

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The Fridays for Future International Wiki needs committed people who see their responsibility in expanding this wiki and maintaining it according to our Wiki Conduct. It should be noted that every person who is committed here is on an equal footing with every other person, even if they are new to it. Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

You have questions or want to help write a mail

Wiki Conduct


We write honestly

  • Specify sources and quote correctly.
  • Avoid personal view, declare openly in case of doubt.
  • Show all facts to the best of our knowledge and belief.

We write non-violent

  • Write as gender-neutral as possible, otherwise gender-equitable.
  • We respect the lives of all living creatures.
  • Respect copyright and personal rights.
  • We do not tolerate intolerance.
  • Use intelligible and simple language. Explain terms and assume little basic knowledge.

We remain diverse in working with opinions

  • Present one's own opinion transparently.
  • Add other views to article and do not replace.

Aim and PurposeEditing

  • We create a place of learning and exchange.
  • We create transparency and enable participation in the Fridays for Future movement:
    • Everyone can get in touch with people and groups from the movement.
    • Everyone can understand ideas and their implementation and be inspired by them.
    • Anyone can be an activist.

Structure & Hierarchy