How to strike

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Getting Started

Talk to people you know (family, friends) and try to get them to understand how serious the situation is.

Start small. Get some friends together and decide on a time and place to strike. Invite members of local climate justice groups and environmental groups. The more people the better! Register your strike on this webpage here here.

Have fun creating signs, banners, costumes, and other bold visuals. The more striking your art, the more media coverage you may get. Let your creativity shine!
Remember when you compose your messages to speak for yourself and not others. Why do YOU care about climate change? What action do YOU want to see?

Let the local media know when and where you will be striking.
Share the word on social media. The more people who see your strike in person, through the media, or on social media, the better.

Invite prominent local people to strike with you (and let the media know they are coming!) Many older people would be flattered to be invited to strike with you.

After the strike, celebrate! Thank those who joined you. Make the experience rewarding and fun. And when it is all done...start thinking about the next event!

Amplify the Message

Check out the “contact” pages on the websites of newspapers and TV stations in your area. Send them an announcement of the time and place of your strike. Let them know there will be signs and banners that will make great photos. During the strike, consider taking a few photos and sending them to media outlets. On social media, ask friends with many followers to boost your message. Don’t be shy! This is important work.

Don’t forget to share your achievements on social media by hashtagging #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateStrike. We need you! It is together that we will make a difference.

Stay Safe

Fridays For Future only want you to strike in a way that you feel safe and comfortable with. We are a peaceful organization, but we have seen cases counterprotestors, so please take care to prioritize your safety.