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This is where the principles of our joint work for the Fridays for Future Wiki are agreed upon.


We write honestly

  • Give sources and quote correctly.
  • Avoid personal viewpoint, in case of doubt declare openly.
  • Show all the facts to the best of your knowledge and belief

We write non-violent

  • If possible gender neutral otherwise write gender fair.
  • We respect the lives of all living humans.
  • Respect copyright law and personal rights.
  • We will not tolerate intolerance
  • Use clear and simple language. Explain terms and start from little basic knowledge.

We remain diverse in our opinions

  • Show your own attitude transparently.
  • Add other views to articles and do not replace them.

Aim and purpose

  • We create a place of learning and exchange.
  • We create transparency and enable participation in the Fridays for Future movement:
    • All can get in contact with people and groups from the movement.
    • All can understand ideas and their implementation and be inspired by them.
    • All can be activists.

Structure & Outline

You have questions or want to help write a mail

wiki [at]

Source list